70 Character Credit Card Embosser



The description 70 Character Credit Card Embosser:

Buy your 70-character credit card embosser at an attractive price
An Embosser is a machine needed to produce credit cards

Features and specifications:
– Manual PVC card embossing machine.
– Robust steel construction.
– 7 characters or 10 characters per inch adjustable and 11 embossing lines.
– The character depth can be adjusted via the control port located at the bottom of the machine.
– Applied part: normative PVC card, i.e. 3-3 / 8 ″ x 2-1 / 8 ″ (85.5 mm x 55 mm)
– 70 internal code characters.
– 26 Case of capital letters of English letters.
– 20 capital letters and lower Arabic numerals.
– 8 small symbols.
– 14 big symbols.
– 2 correcting characters (1 for small characters, 1 for large characters).
– 2 intervals: 1/7 ″ and 1/10 ″ (1/10 ″ only for small print)
– Relief type lines: 1-11 lines.
– Overall dimension (L x W x H): 13 1/4 “x 10 1/2” “x 11”

The package includes:
– 1x machine for embossing PVC cards.
– 1x punch handle.
– 1x handle fixing screw.
– 1x PVC card sample.
– 1x User manual.

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Warranty information:
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